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Detail of Policy of changes and returns

  • Changes and / or refunds will be accepted within a period of up to 30 calendar days after the date of purchase. And from 24 hrs. after having made your purchase.
  • Product changes and / or refunds will not be processed without a printed or digital purchase ticket. To make any change and / or refund valid, the product must be presented in optimum conditions for sale, keeping cash and wrappings .
  • The client can make a maximum of two changes and / or refunds per purchase ticket within the term of the 30 natural days granted. After requesting the second change and / or return, additional requests can no longer be processed.
  • No changes and / or refunds are applied to all products, including merchandise with discount or promotion. In all cases, the cost that will be taken into account will be the price paid by the customer.
  • Returns (in cash or card) will be made for the total cost of the product (s) to be returned; regardless if you have a different price at the point of sale at the time of requesting your return.
  • Only the reception of the product will be allowed in conditions different from those of its original sale when the reason is for “factory defect”.
  • NO changes apply and / or returns when:
    • The product is intentionally or accidentally stained or dyed
    • The product was used improperly or for a sport to which it does not belong •
    • The product is perceived as worn or with evidence of noticeable use •
    • The product looks damaged or altered intentionally or by accident •
    • Are purchases made in bulk (more than 3 products of the same model) •
    • In special launch products.

Valid factory defects

The factory defects that will be taken as valid when you want to request a change and / or refund for this reason are: •

  • Peeling off one of its components (sole, gouge, tongue, ribbons, accessories, views, etc.) •
  • Unstitching of a site or any of its components (sole, gouge, tongue, ribbons, accessories, views, etc.) •
  • Defect of material or any element of the product (rings, buttons, accessories, buckles, template, etc.)
  • Any of its elements does not work (lights, elastic, technologies, etc.).

For any questions you can contact Customer Service on our phones between 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 2:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.